Education & Training

Electrician Courses in Columbus, OH

IEC provides opportunities for merit shop contractors and their employees and others interested in the electrical trade. Top of the line education and training is available to individuals already in the trade and to those wishing to enter the trade through apprenticeship. IEC provides quality programs such as state certified continuing education, business, technology and safety courses, journeyman training and education as well as Apprenticeship and New Worker programs.

Continuing Education

IEC offers professional, affordable training for electrical contractors, their employees, and others. Classes are open to all interested in attending. License recertification CEU’s are recognized by OCILB, ESI, and OBBS. IEC Central Ohio is registered as OCILB Training Agency #369.

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Due to the complex nature of all electrical systems used in the industry today, it is essential electricians to continue with regular education and training to stay informed of best practices. See Current Education and Events Schedule.

Journeyman Certification Program

This program is designed to benefit members and their employees by bringing education to those who do the field work. This continuing education, primarily referencing the NEC, will bring recognition to those who successfully participate.

Contact us in Columbus, Ohio, to register for our electrician courses. We teach how to operate electrical tools and systems for students throughout Central Ohio and surrounding areas.